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Ewa Gryziak

Ewa Nowobilska-Gryziak - a rather rare combination of an entrepreneurial woman with an artist who pays extraordinary attention to detail and the end result. Creative, energetic businesswoman with a passion for creating beautiful things. Founder and originator of the "Blanket Story" brand. She created a stationary and online store with clever and sophisticated toys and accessories for the little ones "I Love you Mom".In the wide world she became famous for her casts of pregnancy bellies, which she still makes on special requests of customers. The brand "Blanket Story" - an unconventional depiction of timeless fairy tales on blankets, accessories and children's bedding - is just the beginning of Eve's capabilities.

Resilient to stress, persistently pursuing her goals, she reconciles her passion and work very gracefully with raising her two wonderful sons Bartek and Igor. She also finds time for afternoon running sessions with her husband, a triathlon enthusiast. She herself doesn't know how she does it.

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